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Our Mission

Thank you for visiting our Shop Addict Store. 
Our store's mission and focus is to bring you products that are unique, custom, difficult to find in stores, solve a problem and serve you in a positive way.
  • Products that make you feel good and boost your self esteem. Have you heard the expression "dress to impress?" Well, we want to help you with that. There's something to be said about accessories, jewelry, custom apparel that just makes you feel better about yourself. Let's face it, we live in a world of low self esteem and we believe custom clothing and accessories can help you not only look stylist but can most importantly give you a little boost of self-esteem to get out in the real world and crush it. 🤙
  • Do you want to show the world what's on your mind or what you're passionate about through custom prints? Then some of our custom apparel may be able to help you with that. From apparel, to sneakers, to home decor and much more, we have you covered. You don't see designs that fit your style, write us a note and tell us what type of designs you would like to see. We have a full time designer that would love to hear your feedback. 
  • Do you have some problems to solve? Well, we also want to help you with that. We're constantly looking for products we can introduce to you that solve a problem. Problem solving products make our lives a lot easier and we're constantly on the look out for these types of products. Do you have a problem that needs to be solve but have not found the right product for the job, write us a note to see if we can you help find it.

We take pride in the products we present to you, that's why we want to know if you're not happy with your product so we can identify where we can do better.

Lastly, you our customer are critically important to us because we know we can't do this without you. In advance we want to thank you for giving us an opportunity to serve you. Thank you for your business and we look forward to building a long lasting relationship with all of our customers and know that we appreciate you!  🙏


Shop Addict Team.