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Power Resistance Bands- Set of 3

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 If you reached a plateau with your training routine, then it's time to mix it up with these power resistance band. Get yours today!

Feeling back, hip, shoulders, knee, elbow or ankle pain? Then you need these to help you mobilize those areas of pain. Don't power through the pain because you will make things worse.  After you put your body through a rigorous workout, your body will get tight and will need to be mobilized to release stress and tightness.

Use these before your workout to stretch and after your workout to help your body release the tension from the workout.

Get your set of bands today before we run out. 

Give these a try, your body will thank you. Don't delay get your set now!

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Application: Rubber String Chest Developer
Size: green: 41" * 1.8" /purple:41" * 1.14"/black:41" * 0.9"
Material: Natural latex