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Wrist Leash

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Being a parent is no doubt the most difficult, and also most important, job in the world. Our children are way too precious to take any risky chances involving their safety.

This versatile system allows for your child to be protected through two different options — the comfortable wrist system, or the back harness. Either way, your heart will be at ease while navigating dangerous terrain or crowded spaces.

It allows your child the independence they seek, and at the same time, ensures their safety. Honestly, it’s one of those things that you need to be able to pull out when you get that feeling in your gut.

We’ve all been there as parents, and we should listen to that instinct! This device is comfortable and safe for toddlers, children with special needs, or the kiddos who just can’t help themselves from bolting off to explore!

We recommend keeping it in the glove box or diaper bag, so you can have it with you whenever you need one less thing to worry about (basically, always, are we right mommas?! 😂). Can you imagine how much LESS STRESSFUL and MORE FUN your experiences could be — the zoo, the airport, the amusement park, the list goes on!

Length: 4.9 ft/ 1.5 m

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